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Vintage Mic

About Matthew Tung

Music has always been a core component of my life. From playing piano from a young age, to joining jazz band and marching band in high school, I have always valued what music brings to my life. Thinking back, some of my greatest memories in high school came from traveling with the SFJAZZ High School All-Stars where I played in the big band from the Monterey Jazz Festival to the Mingus Jazz Festival in New York. Music gave me unforgettable experiences I would never have had otherwise. Even beyond that, it has the incredible ability to connect people across different locations and backgrounds.

At Berklee College of Music, I have further refined my love for music. I discovered the behind-the-scenes world of audio in engineering, mixing, and mastering - everything that goes into making the music that we all enjoy day-to-day. The new (and possibly better) equivalent to traveling and playing music with bandmates would be living out an artist's dream in producing their music. I love collaborating with artists in the studios at any point of their projects, helping them realize their greatest musical aspirations.

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